Infant Swimming

We start our Journey Two months after Labor

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What is Infant/baby Swimming?

Infant swimming or baby swimming is a fun activity for parents and their infants in an environment that resembles the same environment that the infants or babies developed in. At Water Way, our activities for infant swimming are designed in a manner that builds a special bond between the infants and their parents. These activities for baby swimming includes exercises, singing and the use of toys and games that will trigger all aspects of the infant development.

Why Infant/baby swimming?

At Water Way, we believe that are primary clients are the future of tomorrow. The parents and their babies/infants undergo lessons that are based on the natural instinct of the infants/babies to hold their breath. In recent years, research has revealed that infant swimming or baby swimming triggers the subconscious mind, which forces the infant to further develop the boy’s cognitively and physical abilities. This development is due to the similarity in the aquatic environment at Water Way and a mother’s womb. The infants also develop better skills, balance and coordination via swimming.